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Medical Wellness

Post- Surgery Services

Post Plastic Surgery Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

Plastic Surgery Recovery & Fibrosis Massage

Post Plastic Surgery Wood Therapy

*New client assessment required for all surgery clients.*

Veteran Affairs Services

We are in-network providers with Optum Insurance Company to provide active military and veterans with covered massage services.

Referral required.

Medical Massage

​This therapeutic type of massage focuses on your body’s soft tissues — the muscles, tendons and ligaments that move and support your body. It is often performed as part of a healthcare provider’s overall treatment plan, with concentrated focus on a specific medical diagnosis. This is an outcome-based, corrective massage which is typically centralized on the parts of the body that have been identified as an area of concern.  The exact techniques and procedures that are used during this type of massage will vary from each patient.

*New patient assessment required for all medical wellness services.*

New Patient Assessment (Allow for one full hour)


Corrective Medical Massage (Up to 30 minutes)


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