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Nourish Cocoon

An all natural paraffin dip alternative.  Warm, rich butters and oils deeply moisturize and soothe tired, achy hands and feet while cocooned in warm mitts and booties. Treatment finishes with a slow, relaxing massage on hands and arms, or feet and lower legs. Great for sore joints & arthiritis. This is a guest favorite.

Hands – $15
Feet – $20
+ $5 per area for CBD

CBD Therapy

Enhance your massage with 1000mg of US grown CBD isolate (non-THC), excellent for reducing pain and discomforts.


Lava Stones

Adding warm lava stones to a session helps to increase circulation (especially at the surface), and metabolism. It also helps to decrease pain, muscle spasm and tissue stiffness. Heat quiets and relaxes the entire body. It’s efficient, non-toxic and promotes sleep.


Organic Sugar Polish

Organic sugar and Moroccan Argan Oil blend together to form a scrub that hydrates, nourishes & soothes while also smoothing and exfoliating your skin. Our  scrub is great for feet, hands, and entire body!

Hand Scrub – $15
Foot Scrub – $20
+ $5 per area for CBD

Milky Honey Foot Soak

Oatmilk paired with honey and herbs help to detox, revitalize and moisturize fatigue feet.
This 15 minute service starts with a soak, followed by an application of our warm Awaken foot cream which includes blends tea tree oil & peppermint oil. This treatment is a great add-on to any service.


Carry On Foot Therapy

This  30 minute therapy starts with a warm foot soak, followed by our organic sugar foot scrub, pumice therapy,  detoxing foot mask and ultra moisturizing Awaken foot cream, which includes blends tea tree oil & peppermint oil. Our Awaken cream + warm lava stones massage away aches and fatigue. Your feet will be ready to continue to carry you around the world. Take your pumice with you for home care.


Repose + Restore

Reset your mind & body as our custom energize or relaxation aromatherapy blend diffuses in the air. During this time of your session, you can choose guided meditation or sound therapy — sound engineered music proven to help calm central nervous system and activate brainwaves that are associated with relaxation.  Slip into a restful slumber and  awake feeling restored.

10 Min. – $15
20 Min. – $30
30 Min. – $45

Luxe Back Rejuvenation

This luxurious 30 minute treatment  includes our organic sugar scrub to exfoliate and remove black heads, followed by a Jasmine Coconut clay-based mask, which deeply nourishes while drawing out impurities. This refresh finishes with our ultra hydrating Jasmine Coconut cream, applied using lava stones to massage away aches and fatigue. Your back will feel smooth & refreshed.


Uplift Ritual

Your hands and feet do a lot for you each day; many times without thanks and appreciation. Show them both some much needed TLC with our signature Uplift Ritual. This 45 minute experience includes sound therapy shown to help induce relaxation, plus our organic sugar exfoliation, a warm moisture mask, and non-CBD Nourish Cocoon followed by extended massages with optional lava stones. 


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